Team Dylan Defeat DIPG

On August 8th, the sister of my sister in law (I know, just say family) found out that her four year old daughter was diagnosed with DIPG, which is an acronym for Diffuse pontine glioma. 
“DIPG is an aggressive tumor found in the area of the brainstem that interferes with all bodily functions, depriving a child of the ability to move, to communicate, and even to eat and drink.
DIPG primarily affects children, with most diagnoses occurring between 5 and 7 years of age. DIPG makes up 10-15% of all brain tumors in children, with about 150-300 new diagnoses per year in the United States. Unlike many other pediatric cancers, there has been little progress in improving treatments and cure rates for DIPG over the last few decades. Unfortunately, fewer than 10% of children with DIPG survive two years from diagnosis.”  (Source:

I cannot even fathom what this family is going through. Dylan is 6 months younger than my daughter and her big brother Mason is a year younger than my son. As a mom and a teacher, this hit me particularly hard. I thought about what I could do without getting in the way, I could just make a donation to the Go Fund Me account or I could use whatever resources I could muster and figure out how to give a little more. Money and objects mean nothing when you’re praying for the health of a child, but at least money can help with expenses, ease some worry and help pay for experimental therapy. 

In the words of my five-year-old daughter, “Dylan is my cousin’s cousin, so she’s in my family, and I love her”. The Swain family sends love and prayers and good vibes and all the things. And the money: 100% percent of all sales of 8” x 10” “Dylan’s Unicorn” art prints and limited editions of the sloth, deer and peacock prints will be donated to the Harrell Family. Please join us on Team Dylan Defeat DIPG and purchase a print today.  

To purchase: follow this link:  

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2. Donate 30$ or more per print.  

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4. Wait for your print and good karma.  

choices:  specify unicorn, sloth, deer or peacock.  

Note: the flier below says 28$ but 30$ covers shipping!